History of Le Choux


Hello and welcome to our first ever Le Choux blogpost!

As pastry chefs and bakers, we are passionate about all things sweet and delicious.   Choux pastry is one of the most versatile of pastries.  When you walk into a patisserie boutique in France, choux pastry is the base of: croquembouche, eclairs, religieuses, profiteroles, saint honore, paris-brest, cream choux as well as savoury, such as gougeres (choux buns topped with gruyere cheese...)

Choux pastry is made by incorporating eggs into a batter made with milk, butter and flour. The pastry is then piped in small and large circles and baked until golden brown.  At Le Choux, we place a thin sugar crumble on each of our choux buns to add a delicate crunchy layer.

In the history of pastry, Choux pastry was invented by an Italian pastry chef by the name Popelini who worked for the queen Catherine de Medicis.   The pastry was heated and then dried out on the stove, for this reason given the name "pate a chaud," meaning "hot pastry."  In the XVIII Jean Avice elaborated the recipe and tried different techniques such as grilling and frying the pastry.  The name was changed from "hot pastry" to "choux pastry."  In later years, the famous Antonin Careme (known for his elaborate style of cooking and cited as the founder of French gastronomy) perfected choux pastry.

Throughout the years, choux pastry has been elaborated and today it is one of the most common kinds of pastry you'll find in Paris.

At Le Choux, we have come up with a new way of eating choux pastry: "Le Street Choux" which is mini vanilla filled choux buns in a takeaway pot with salted caramel and grilled pecan nuts.  This concept has been designed due to the emergence of amazing street food eateries and the desire to create a great street food dessert.

Le Choux offers chouquettes as well as a series of different flavoured choux: chocolate, vanilla, hazelnut.  Each patisserie we make is made with the best locally sourced milk, cream, free range eggs, organic flour as well as the finest dark chocolate.