Le Choux 

Photo courtesy of Joyce Wang

Photo courtesy of Joyce Wang

Our central focus with Le Choux has always been simplicity.  Choux that are fresh, served on the day they are made, to ensure that they are as crispy on the outside as they are soft on the inside. We make sure our fillings are full of flavour- chocolate that hits you like chocolate should, all notes of caramel, sweet and salty hazelnuts, raspberries with added confit to balance the acidity. We don't use more than two or three flavours together because we don't want to overcomplicate the tastes. 

Le Choux combines our passion for artisan methods and great ingredients. We use ethically sourced dairy, milk and double Jersey cream from The Estate Dairy. We crack large, free range eggs from The Good Fellas before hand piping our choux one by one. We make our fillings using high quality chocolate, dark caramels, Madagascan Vanilla pods and decorate our choux with fresh fruit and nuts. We stay away from unnatural preservatives, colourings and gelatine.  This means our choux are always fresh and vegetarian friendly.


Abigail : founder and head pastry chef 

Abigail is a pastry chef who undertook extensive training in Paris. After achieving her second Patisserie Diploma Specialising in Patisserie, Ice Cream and Chocolate she continued her training at the luxury Hotel Plaza Athenee in Paris under head Pastry Chef Christophe Michalak and Jean Marie Hiblot before returning to London and starting up Le Choux.