All of our choux are baked with a layer of crumble, which melts on top of the bun to create a delicate crunchy outer coating.  We then hand pipe our choux with fresh cream fillings and decorate them with fresh fruit, nuts and chocolate decorations.  

All of our choux are free from gelatine, unnatural preservatives and colourings meaning that they are always fresh and vegetarian friendly. 

Dark 72% Chocolate: Filled with a Dark Chocolate Cremeux and topped with a Cacao Crumble.  Perfect for chocoholics, this choux is enjoyed with a strong espresso or a glass of red wine.

Hazelnut Praline Choux:  Filled with a Hazelnut Mousseline and an interior of handmade caramelised Hazelnut Praline, this choux is a very popular due to its similarities to the traditional French patisserie “Paris Brest.”

Salted Caramel Fudge: Our Salted Caramel Fudge is an absolute winner amongst caramel fanatics.  Filled with an interior of Caramel Cremeux, and topped with more-ish Caramel and Fudge.


Madagascan Vanilla: The Madagascan Vanilla choux still remains one of our most popular choux.  Filled with a light crème légère which is made with a blend of Madagascan Vanilla infused pastry crème and Locally Sourced Double Cream.

Milk Chocolate and Peanut: Our Milk Chocolate and Peanut is popular with chocolate lovers who have a sweet tooth.  Filled with crunchy Salted Peanuts, this choux remains one of our most addictive!

Baileys: Our Baileys choux is filled with an ultra light baileys chantilly. 


Arabica Coffee:  Our Arabica coffee eclair is filled with a coffee infused crème patissiere and topped with a sweet coffee fondant.

 Pistachio and White Chocolate: Filled with a cream which is made with White Chocolate and homemade Pistachio paste,  topped with a Pistachio Glaze and Crushed Pistachios. 


Dark Chocolate: Filled with a Dark Chocolate Cremeux and topped with Dark Chocolate glaze.

Salted Caramel: Filled with our Caramel Cremeux and topped with Salted Caramel. 

Vanilla and Raspberry:  Filled with our light Madagascan Vanilla cream and Raspberry Confit, topped with a pink Raspberry glaze and Freeze dried Raspberries.  

Gianduja: Filled with an interior of hazelnut praline, milk chocolate cremeux and decorated with a hand tempered milk chocolate decoration. 


Classic Paris Brest: 

Hazelnut Choux wheel filled with a Praline Mousseline Cream and oozing with our Homemade Praline, topped with crunchy Almonds and Hazelnuts.  Exactly the same as you would expect in France.  Available in individual sized (£4.20) and Large (6 Person £24.00.)