Welcome! Here is a little about me (Abigail), I am the founder and head pastry chef at Le Choux.

I have always loved chocolate and pastries, I take that from my French heritage.  On trips to Paris, when we would wander down the streets, I would stare at the windows of the boulangeries in awe.  I still find it incredible, the choice of bread and stunning pastries you find on every street corner in Paris.  

I made it my mission a few years ago to bring some of this Parisian magic back to London.  I trained in Paris as a pastry chef and worked my way up in the most prestigious luxury palace in Paris, Le Plaza Athenee, under chefs Ducasse and Michalak.


On return to London, I worked in an awful male dominated kitchen as Sous Pastry Chef and was extremely unhappy.  I began to wonder if there was truly space for a woman in these kitchens, and decided that if I were to work in a commercial kitchen, it would need to be my own. 


I missed the classic chocolate religieuse and coffee eclairs in Paris.  I decided to make it my mission to bring classic French 'choux' to London.  The pastries proved so popular that since, we have been part of London's booming food scene, taking part in markets and events with Kerb, pop- ups around London as well as supplying luxurious food department stores Fortnum and Mason and Selfridges.

 Le Choux

We use sugar as an enhancer, but not as a main ingredient.

Our central focus with Le Choux has always been flavour above everything. To create pastries that are fresh, served on the day they are made, ensuring that they are as crispy on the outside as they are soft on the inside. Our fillings are always full of flavour- chocolate that hits you like chocolate should, all notes of caramel, sweet and salty hazelnuts, raspberries with added confit to balance the acidity..  

Le Choux combines our passion for artisan methods whilst celebrating great ingredients. We use ethically and locally sourced cream and organic milk.  We crack large, free range eggs before hand piping our choux one by one. We make our fillings using the finest high quality chocolate, dark caramels, Madagascan Vanilla pods and decorate our choux with fresh fruit and nuts. We use sugar as an enhancer, but not as a main ingredient. We stay away from unnatural preservatives, colourings and gelatine.  Not only we don't like it, but it means our choux are always fresh and vegetarian friendly. 

Our Sustainability Promise 

1) Locally and responsibly sourced ingredients

2) Minimal packaging, which is reusable, biodegradable and recyclable

3) Zero Food Waste